6 Things You Can Do Today to Be More Sustainable


Sustainability! What a huge concept! The state of the world and how we’re all doomed can sometimes feel a bit heavy. That’s because it is. But, thinking about sustainability in this way is counterintuitive.

There are small changes we can make in our lives which will seriously help the planet!

So, let’s start today! We’ve come up with six sustainable things you can do right this moment which will help out the environment. Most of these suggestions have other benefits too! Read this article and then get to it. Make your change today! 

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  1. Unplug your devices

The first suggestion on our list is to unplug the devices around your home. Just think about it. Some of your electrical goods are left plugged in all the time, even if you only use them once a week! Your printer, your microwave, random chargers - they could be drawing electricity, even when you’re not using them. And, they all add up!

So, look around your home. There’ll be so many items you haven’t used in weeks, and yet they’re still plugged in. Unplug them and you’ve done something to save electricity today!


2. Be smart about the companies you buy from

It’s always worth checking just how eco-friendly a company is before buying from them. So, do some investigating!

Most companies should have a CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, page on their website. It’s here that they explain what they’re doing to stay sustainable and responsible. You can check out Project Nord’s CSR page here. At Project Nord, sustainability has been a key part of our ethos since we founded the company in 2018. For example, we plant a tree for every poster you buy from us. We don’t want to degrade the environment. We want to help it!

So, do a bit of research before you make purchases. This takes minutes! We need to hold companies accountable for the impact they have on the environment to preserve our future! 

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3. Take shorter showers

This suggestion might sound like a compromise. But, the impact that cutting your shower time has on the environment is invaluable. 

Did you know that almost 20 liters of water are used every minute by a standard showerhead? The minutes count! So, turn the water off early and do your daydreaming somewhere else. Try choosing a song which is the perfect length to play whilst you shower. Then you’ll know when you’re out of time and the environment is paying. This suggestion will also save on your water bill too!


4. Replace your lightbulbs

This one might sound like a chore, but it really does make a difference. In standard lightbulbs, 90% of the energy is lost as heat. Why throw away that valuable electricity? 

Energy-saving lightbulbs are the answer! Head out to your local homeware store, or even order them online. They are inexpensive, and yet will make a big difference to the environment. And, they will save money on your electricity bill too. On average, changing your bulbs makes them 80% cheaper to run. There are too many reasons! Just go out and do it!

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5. Go paperless

We get posted so much stuff which goes straight in the bin. There’s a way around this annoyance - going paperless! 

This suggestion is so simple to do. On your mobile banking app, for example, you’ll have the option to stop receiving statements through the post. Tick that box! It’ll also give you one less thing to sort through. 

Going paperless can apply to other situations as well. When you go shopping, do you always need a receipt? Say no! In certain stores, you can even get your receipt emailed to you. No flimsy bit of paper that you’ll likely lose anyway! Saying ‘no thanks’ to a receipt takes seconds, and yet it makes a big difference for our planet!


6. Educate yourself, watch a documentary!

And finally, get educated! It’s important for us to learn more about the impact we have on the environment. The fact you’re reading this article shows that you’re aware, that you want to make a change. So, keep at it! 

There are so many great documentaries out there about being environmentally aware. Prince Ea made a thought-provoking YouTube video, available to watch for all. The True Cost talks about the effect the fashion industry has had on the planet. Cowspiracy deep-dives into the dark truth behind eating meat. Suddenly, a Sunday night in can turn into an invigorating, life-changing evening! 

And, share what you find around! Even though acting on our own helps, mass movements of change is what it’ll take to make a difference. Tell your friends, your family, your coworkers. Share articles like this one on your social media channels. Working together and educating each other is crucial to see the change the planet needs!

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These are things you can do today to make a difference to the planet. It’s good to feel active, like we can make a difference to the world. And, that can start with something as simple as unplugging a lamp which never gets turned on. 

So, unplug that lamp today! And do whatever else is your sustainable offering to the planet. It really does make a difference.


Written by Jessica Slater

Images sourced from Pintrest.