Arty Cafes In Copenhagen That Are Great To Work In


All creativity and ideas are born from the inspiration you surround yourself with.  So, the space you live and work in has a big effect on your productivity. Fortunately, it is now completely up to you how your space looks like. And while you can let your inspiration run wild at home,  where to work can be a bit of a dilemma.  

So, we at the Project Nord took care of it for you, first with a quick lesson on a danish design  and styling your own space. And now, in case you are one of those creative people traveling around the city on a hunt for a perfect work space,  we've listed for you the most inspirational and cosy cafés in Copenhagen to work in. You have to try them out for yourself!

Are you a social animal or a silent creative?

First things first, you have to have a deep conversation with yourself to decide what type of a person are you? Do you prefer a buzzing environment, people rushing around and the dynamic feel of a big city? Or would you rather sit in a hidden street, a little corner coffee shop where everybody knows your name?

There is plenty of both in Copenhagen, but one thing is for sure in the Scandinavian capital of coffee.

Whichever café you walk into, there is always this unshakeable vibe around. It's the combination of all-things-scandinavian. From minimalistic interior, to cosy hygge lighting, and perfect espresso to the very last drop.

So as soon as you know what you are looking for, here is a quick guide to the best of the coffee spots in this radiant city.


All things coffee and Copenhagen

  • The Coffee Collective

What other place to put on number one as The Coffee Collective?Definitely a must, no matter if you're popping into the city for a few days, or you're looking for a long-term work space relationship. 

The Coffee Collective is a successful brand with five locations around Copenhagen. And the best part, except the phenomenal coffee of course, is that it is both busy and calm!

If you are an early bird, you will definitely find it worth the time during morning hours. Each location offers something different from Scandinavian design and picturesque street views, so you won't regret either place you chose. 

In the late afternoon, The Coffee Collective locations transform into some of the busiest spots in the city, so it's the perfect place to work in for the buzz-driven creatives. 

Our favourite, for sure, is The Coffee Collective Bernikow, right in the middle of the “always on the go” city centre.

  • CUB Coffee Bar

CUB Coffee Bar, also one of the places you can find right in the city center, is super cosy, so be careful about your productivity level there. But it's definitely one of those cafés where your creativity will be let loose! 

In a perfect harmony with classic danish design and perfect cup of coffee, this is a spot for those who need an occasional break from work and need to breathe some fresh scandic air. The view is of the very beginning of Kongens Nytorv, right on the bank of the Copenhagen canals. On the edge of the busy Strøget, this is a café where you will return for sure!

  • Andersen & Maillard

The next stop is a top spot for students. In the middle of bustling Nørrebro grew Andersen & Maillard, Aeropress champion of Denmark and of our hearts. 

Why for students you ask? The KEA- Copenhagen School of Design and Technology is just around the corner, so don't be surprised if you don't find any empty seats there in the afternoon. 

Even though you might have to go through a little bit of a wait, it's definitely worth it! The coffee is amazing, the staff are on top of the barista game and the space, where you can see the roasting process and bakery right in the open, offers plenty of inspiration and a great site for meetings. 

If you are more of a harbour fan than city person, try Andersen & Maillard's other location, opened just recently in Nordhavn. Another huge plus is the “Danish”, or traditional danish pastry. So if you are a foodie, this might be the work space for you. You will leave well fed and motivated for the next challenge!

  • 108 & The Corner

This next one is a bit of a puzzle, so bear with us. Just across the canal from the famous Nyhavn, you will find 108  and The Corner.  So many people think of them as one place, and even though they are basically siblings, they are very different. To this day, 108 is, for sure, one of the top restaurants in Copenhagen. Well, it has a Michelin star, so let’s be honest, in the world!

But speaking of cafés to speed up your work progress, we at the Project Nord fell in love with The Corner, the perfect place to take your mind off everything but the project you need to focus on. 

This quiet café at the edge of Christianshavn, turning into a wine bar in the evening hours, is top spot for business people. So if you are looking for a location to take the meeting to the next level, you can stop looking now! Because you just found it. And you're welcome!

  • Orango Coffee

As you may already know, we at the Project Nord are all about sustainability, so Orango Coffee seems as an obvious choice, and it will be for you too. 

But it comes with a little warning! If you are an evening person, this spot will probably not be on top of your list. But it should!

Orango Coffee roasts their own beans, and on top of the sustainable packaging, with the purchase you will be also supporting natural reservations taking care of endangered species. What's not to like?!

This café is the right choice if you are a loyal Amager resident. It is a bit of a detour from the city centre, but definitely worth the way.




With so many amazing cafés in Copenhagen, it is obvious that some of them didn't make the list, but we just can't leave you in the unknown. So here are a few more at the end, as a bonus and a sweet ending to your busy week days.

  • Sonny, or if you're looking for a meeting spot with your small team, there you go! Situated near the Radhuspladsen, this café is perfect if you need a place to do some planning for the next month or so. Unfortunately, it is just too small to bury yourself in a productive stage between planners and notebooks and laptops. But hey, you know what they say, the smaller the café, the cosier it gets.

  • Ateliér September, founded by one of the top chefs in Denmark, is still more of a restaurant to us that a café, that's why it didn't make the list. But their coffee is sustainably planted and therefore fits the criteria we are looking for. It is also one of the places perfect for a lunch meeting. So anything work related you need to discuss outside of the office, we found you a hiding spot!

  • Last but definitely not least, Prolog Caffe Bar. This café is 100% a summer location. Amongst the other food places in Kodbyen or Meat Packing District, it's one of the favourite spots of all the locals. Prolog serves the best filter coffee in the city. The location is minimalistic and high society, and perfect for a quick stop on your way from one meeting to another.


That's it! You are now prepared to go out there and choose your favourite working spot. Just be careful not to stare at the spectacular Scandi interiors instead of actually working.

Written by Lujza Grossmanová

Images sourced from Pinterest