Fall in Love with Autumn Interior Design


We believe that all aspects of the creative world are connected. So, as you can see in fashion every year by the end of September growing number of beige and camel blazers, black oxford boots and all the other neutral tones “walking” the streets, same goes for your interior. 

It should adjust with the season, change colours together with the leaves outside in parks.

But if you are kinda tired of just putting a pumpkin up on your fireplace same as every year, or switching your cushions for warm orange tones again, stay with us!

We are here to give you ideas beyond your imagination, with the most seasonal colours you've ever (maybe) heard about.


If you haven't considered colours of your interior much before, you better start now!


First thing's first, we have to introduce you to a little life hack which, in case you're a designer, you're probably already familiar with. But if you're not, here it comes! Pantone Colour Scheme!  Yes, you can thank us later, just keep reading.

Pantone Colour Scheme has been specially created for the elaborate work of designers and offline or printed materials. So yes, it's the one you should look up to when designing your home. What's more, for the past 20 years, Pantone has been announcing the Colour of the Year, which, thankfully, this year is Living Coral. So it's a pretty good and fitting colour for autumn season, especially if you want to change things up this year. Living Coral has been announced in consideration of our environment, to bring attention to the harmful impacts of climate change. One of many effects being the dying coral reefs and their eye-catching scream for help. So, next time you see a picture of a coral reef in beautiful fluorescent colours, just remember that's a coral reef on the verge of dying.

  • Butterscotch

Switch the boring beige for butterscotch! It's definitely a choice you won't regret. And if that seems to be not enough change for you, well okay. We dare you to try Dawn Red Orange. And try it for your wardrobe too. Because what's more awesome than matching your living room? 

And if you still love the classic beige, you're not willing to let it go, that's okay too. You can find place for one of these Project Nord beige and earthy toned posters.

  • Ceramic Blue

Too many earthy tones? Then experiment with shades of blue. If you choose the right tone and bring everything to harmony, it will do magic to your interior design. Don't be scared to add this colour anywhere in your interior, really. It looks amazing on tiles, on ceramics both in your living room or on a kitchen ware, and adding it to any art piece just looks so intriguing. And once again, it's super easy to transition with this colour from the autumn season into winter.

  • Lively Green 

We love this colour so much for the autumn season. Because somehow, it reminds us of both summer and winter at the same time, and yet it's natural, just like autumn colours should be. 

  • Dark Teal

Are you looking for something right in the middle? Don't worry, we got you covered! With Dark Teal, you found super interesting colour for your interior design, plus, you're one step ahead, cause it will be the colour of 2020. But you can skip the line and get it now!

Find the perfect fit for your home

Living Coral, however beautiful and significant it might be, is still a bit too much for some, especially the nude-palette lovers. We totally understand. So here are some of our favourites, which will definitely fit everyone and are still compelling.

  • Terracotta

Are you as much in love with these super British terracotta brick houses as we are? Why don't you bring that delightful architectural element inside your home? You might think wallpapers are super old school, but you can trust us in this, terracotta wallpaper is a great choice for autumn interior design. Also, if you get tired of it by the end of season, you can easily transform it into cosy winter interior playing with some fairy lights and Project Nord black and white posters.

And yes, while talking about terracotta, you might wanna dig out those vintage flower pots your grandma used to have, give them a good wash and worship them this season, because they're just perfect.

  • Beeswax

Sound funny? Maybe a little, but definitely won't be funny once you play around with this colour in your living room. It will be the first thing you'll see when getting back home after a long day at work, and believe us, there's no better mood boost. 

Plus, with the scary fact of bees dying out due to climate crisis, you may wanna honor this beautiful species in your home.
Try out some cushions, which work both for living rooms and your bedroom, or add some cosy mugs for your kitchen along with other kitchenware in the same tone. Super autumn-ish, super practical. It's really a win-win. 


101 on styling your interior with Project Nord

We know that moving furniture or switching the bathroom tiles is probably too much. But there are other smart ways to make your home feel more autumn-ish without having to do drastic changes. Now when you've settled for the perfect colour palette for your interior, here are few tips you can try out when it comes to styling the interior with decorations. 


Project Nord

Well, you can't blame us for putting Project Nord as number 1 item for your home. Project Nord posters are just that versatille. You can find a fit for every season, every occasion, every mood. It's just that good. 

The best for the autumn season definitely is our Earthy & Beige Tones line, which you can style in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, even bathroom is fine if you want to spice up the design a bit. 


Bodum French Press

Bodum, Danish kitchenware brand with 75-year long tradition, has perfect item for your autumn styled kitchen. Because what goes together better than autumn mornings and warm coffee? Maybe only winter evenings and hot cocoa, but we are not there yet!

This iconic French press won't ruin your budget and is definitely a long-term investment.


The Organic Company

Let's stay in the kitchen for a bit longer. An inseparable part of the autumn season is definitely home cooking. We all love that warm pumpkin soup or mushroom risotto. 

The Organic Company is really ahead of the time. Founded in 2007, this brand provides sustainable kitchenware. And we mean real sustainability. They believe that your kitchen should be both beautiful and socially responsible, so all of their products are made of GOTS certified organic cotton. You can shop for food bags for no-package grocery stores, oven mitts, kitchen cloths, anything, really.


Another brand creating pieces in a perfect harmony with everything autumn seasoned. Danish company Træfolk makes custom made wooden furniture since just 2017. But it won our hearts with its zero-waste produce and sustainable values through and through. 

If you don't feel like buying a huge dining table, that's okay. You can purchase one of the smaller additions for your home Træfolk makes form the access of the bigger pieces they produce. A cute wooden tray will be cosy for autumn breakfast or for afternoon coffee while browsing through our Project Nord journal.


Another thing that is totally inseparable for us when talking about autumn is notebooks. And even though you might think you're not exactly the sensitive writing type of person, trust us. Once you get your hands on a perfect notebook, it will become your best friend! 

So here is our suggestion, have a look around Notem Studio in one of the fanciest neighborhoods of Copenhagen, Østerbro. And if by any chance there's no store close by reselling this beautiful stationery, don't worry. You can find all your favourite designs online with worldwide shipping!


That's it everyone! Our super fun guide on how to avoid cheesy autumn style and explore all things cosy and hygge this coming up season. And if this much exploring simply won't be enough for you, you can take on traveling to our favourite Scandi autumn destinations. But don't forget to be responsible and mindful traveller!

Written by Lujza Grossmanová

Images sourced from Pinterest