How Can Project Nord Offer Premium Scandinavian Art for 30 EUR?!


Scandinavian art has become so expensive! The perfect balance of minimalism and chic feels just out of reach. But, have you heard there’s a company who’s come along to change all that?

Project Nord is a new and exciting Art print venture company based in Copenhagen. The posters they produce are minimalist, Scandinavian-style designs on premium quality paper. And, they don’t come at a high price to the consumer or the planet!

Sounds great, hey? But, how do they do it? In this article, we’ll explain the magic behind Project Nord. How can they afford it? We’re here to tell you!

The minimalist      Golden Ratio Poster     !

The minimalist Golden Ratio Poster!

Project Nord is a Scandinavian Company, so follows Scandi principles

When the Scandinavian design movement began, it was all about quality, affordability, and timeless design. Since then, some of its original principles have been lost. Prices are hiking up and big brands have taken advantage of the Scandi buzz. Project Nord is here to change that.

Project Nord offers premium Scandinavian art for a fair price, just like their Scandi forefathers! The future is sustainable, and that includes sustainable pricing.

They partner with their designers

Project Nord is made up of a team of creatives who are all passionate about Scandinavian design. In partnership with each other, they create the beautiful designs you see on their posters in house.

Project Nord is all in it together! From its designers and marketers to its Art Director, they’re on the same team. None of that corporate hierarchy - that’s not Project Nord’s style.


Project Nord prints posters on demand

Project Nord’s printing practices also help them roll out their posters at such a fair price. Project Nord always print on demand which means the customer is never paying for excess stock they have lying around.

This method is also much better for the environment. It’s win-win, for customers and for the planet!

And, They plant a tree for every poster They sell

As you might have guessed already, sustainability is very important to Project Nord. So, they made planting trees a must! For every poster you buy from Project Nord, they plant a tree in your name.

Project Nord is aware of its responsibility for looking after the planet. Unlike big corporations, they’ve been able to prioritise their eco-footprint as one of the key parts of their DNA! If you’d like any more information about Project Nord’s sustainable ethos, check out their responsibility page or article about the benefits of planting trees!

From their hand-painted collection, the      Carrying Poster     !

From their hand-painted collection, the Carrying Poster!


There are the answers you were looking for! We, Project Nord, are built on fair principles which cater to everyone’s needs. We’re so happy that our customers appreciate the values that we stand by. And, we’re excited by our growing, global demand.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our latest designs happy in the knowledge that beautifully-designed posters don’t have to come at a high cost to you or the planet. 


Written by Jessica Slater

Images sourced from the Project Nord website.