How to Make Your Own Scandinavian Home


Feeling like creating an atmospheric home or bunkering down for the long winter time? There’s no better way of doing so than incorporating The Key Elements of Northern Design!

But How to Make a Scandinavian Home as appealing as the natives do? Scandinavian Interior might be thought of as somewhat cold, just as the weather itself. But to truly master the perfect Scandinavian Interior Design we’ll need to focus on the opposite – Warm and Inviting.

Here are some tricks on How To Make a Scandinavian Home so ambient you’ll have troubles leaving it each time!


1. Keep it simple

Strip it back and keep the design as simple as possible. Although, add layers of different textures to overcome the iciness of the clean interior. Think knit, chunky blankets, sheepskin, leather and wood. Add one item at a time and try to think twice of each aspect you’re about to employ. Make sure it has at least one of aesthetic, functional or practical advantage. Co-opt a lot of cushions, curtains and rugs which are both useful and appealing.


2. Choose and Stick to the Colour Scheme

White palettes and minimalistic decisions are the keys. Set them as a base as we are aiming for a clean and modern Scandinavian Home. However, to break the clinical sanctitude, we shall make use of deep green, sandy and pink colours. Simply, choose a monochrome colour such as black, white, grey or brown and pair it up with one accent colour. And that’s How to Make a Scandinavian Home look calming, clean and hyggeligt!


3. Go for multiple sources of light

Did you know that native Scandinavians can expect as little as 7 hours of daylight per day during the winter months? But how do we make use of it?
Simply, keep everything well lit and don’t be afraid to incorporate diverse types of light sources. Choose pendant, ceiling lights or chandeliers especially for the living rooms.

The brighter the better - especially when it comes to your home!

Go for light bulbs big in size and pendants made of metal in modern, geometric structures. Get the light at just the right spot where it’s needed the most, be that dining table, kitchen islands or staircases even!

Always go for something unique.

Go for metallic, mono-coloured lamps to bring Gallery Wall or a reading armchair into the spotlight or simply highlight what’s important

Scandinavians light up a candle 4 times a week on average. Use them to set the mood and add a touch of cosiness. Go for various shapes and combine different sizes and lengths. Beware of aroma infused ones and stick to high-quality wax and natural aromas.


4. Install a Wall Decoration

To give you possibly the best advice How To make a Scandinavian Home feel completely put together is to create your personal Gallery Wall! Whether you choose to upgrade the walls in the bedroom or living room, incorporate the accent colours into your Gallery Wall to match the rest of the interior smoothly. However, framed black and white posters and prints fit into almost every Scandinavian Interior and there are various types and themes you might consider including in Wall of Posters.


Fan of quotes? Go for Typography

Choose Posters with typography if you’d like your Wall of Posters to carry out a message or bring up some inspiration!

An admirer of Fauna & Flora? Choose Posters with Nature

Fancy surrounding yourself with botanicals, plants and flowers to create a fresh, yet calming look.

Do you enjoy minimal art?

Co-opt some line art and abstract designs to accentuate the beauty of cleanness of Scandi Home! 

If you can’t make up your mind and need some further suggestions on How to Style a Wall of Posters, feel free to check out our Tips and Tricks


5. Integrate Rustic Components

A way How to Make a Scandinavian Home fully integrated is choosing rather old & rusty looking furniture than polished and sleek. With regards to homeware, go for functional pieces such as a rug. Wooden floors of hardwood are essential, however, a look-alike of quality materials will help. Embrace the lived-in look and employ plants or flowers, even bring the shells from the nearby beach. Throw a sheepskin over a wooden chair, sit back, and enjoy!


Do-s :)

1. Choose fewer, practical items over utterly aesthetic aspects such as pillows, curtains and rugs.

2. Play with different textures and materials and rather choose to mute the colours.

3. Pick up and try to stick to a theme, whether that be industrial look, nautical theme or a rustic cabin.

4. Use clothing as a part of decoration and put up a clothing rack full of clothes as a stylish addition.

5. Create a tech-free area with no computers, phones or TVs and simply just sit back and chill out.


Don't-s :/

1. Don’t over-do your room. Downsize on accessories and go for functional pieces such as bookcases or coffee tables.

2. Don’t make the bed. Seriously. Embrace the messy bed, add pillows and chunky blanket to create a  lived-in look!

3. Don’t use too many accent colours and rather choose to spice up the interior with the wood of warm tones.

4. Don’t leave out your walls and upgrade them with Poster Gallery for its essential part of Scandinavian Homes.

5. Don’t forget to install enough of light sources such as dimmed lamps or pendant ceiling lights for wider spaces.


To make it easier to digest, simply remember to keep your life simple and practical when creating your Scandinavian Home. Aim for simplicity & functionality and make it cosy and lived in!

We certainly hope we have helped you to figure out a way How to Make a Scandinavian Home of your dreams!