Moving House? The Guide to Cutting Down as You Move


Moving house can be a hassle, especially if you have a lot of stuff. Grab your suitcase, as we dive inside the mind of someone who’s always on the move!

We asked Project Nord’s own Jessica, who’s recently joined our team in Copenhagen from her hometown of Manchester. How has she found moving to the bustling Scandinavian city? And, has she gotten into the Danish flow of short-term rentals and compact living? We’re here to find out!


So, you’ve recently moved to Copenhagen. What were your initial thoughts about moving here?

I love it! Copenhagen is such a beautiful city. From what I can tell so far, life here is set up to give you the best chance of being happy. The ocean is near, there are loads of parks, everyone cycles. I’m feeling good about my new home!

You found a room to rent, but that meant you had to be selective with what you were bringing. How did you decide on what to take, what to store away, or get rid of?

Each time I’ve moved house, I’ve taken it as opportunity to have a life audit. Even the process of sitting in my room, slowly sorting through belongings, can be very soothing. When you move to a new place, you often have a single suitcase of possessions that your identity lies within. So naturally, before you go, you find yourself asking which bits of you you actually want to take to your new place. I’m having a bit of fun trying out various zero-plastic alternatives at the moment as well which made me cut down even more. 

Also, especially here in Copenhagen, it's likely that you’ll live in a few different places during your stay. So, I didn’t want to have loads of valuables to cart around and worry about.


Do you have any tips for our readers who are planning a move?

Well, first of all, if you are planning a move, I’m very excited for you! A change of scene is necessary for all of us from time to time. Of course, it can be scary. But, I think that’s why you feel so good about yourself when you realise that you did it! 

Secondly, I’d say only bring the things you need, plus a few more personal items. It makes you really appreciate the possessions you have around you. Each time I’ve moved, I’ve brought a simple folder of personal pieces to put up on my walls. Blu-tac is king!

I already had my Project Nord poster, so of course that was rolled up into my suitcase. Other photos and cuttings fitted into an A4 envelope. I think it’s lovely having those things you really identify with to get yourself settled straight away. Plus, it’s a pleasure seeing my posters and photos displayed in different rooms as I go. They always look different depending on where they’re displayed. And, it makes me treasure them even more knowing that they’ve accompanied me through different life experiences.

Moving House article. Image of chest of drawers with beautiful light.jpeg
Moving House article. Image of chest of drawers with belongings on top.jpg

Now that you’ve settled into your new place, how will you decorate it? 

I love collecting things that signify the new places I’ve moved to. I already have my Scandi print, so I think I’ll treat myself to a beautiful lamp to continue the Scandinavian feel. I get such beautiful morning light in this room, as you can see from the pictures! So, it’ll be lovely to have a lamp for the evenings, especially as it gets darker outside. 

I bought the mobile above my bed after living in Venice for a year as a parting gift to myself. During my time there, I spent lots of afternoons wandering around the Peggy Guggenheim Museum. It’s the most intimate I’ve ever been with a gallery. It was lovely to see the exhibitions change slowly, to see the same pieces in different lights. I especially loved the Alexander Calder mobiles. Which, is why I opted for this piece on my way out of the country. It’s my little reminder of a beautiful year and some beautiful art. I’m sure I’ll carry it with me for years and years to come. A Scandinavian-style lamp will do the same for me I think! 

Are you a minimalist, or do you enjoy a room full of trinkets?

I’m probably somewhere in the middle. As I’ve gotten a bit older, I’ve preferred keeping my bedding quite minimal. However, I think I do this so I can be bolder with other homeware, like my posters and mobile. Plus, this way, they get to be the centre of attention, just as they should be!

It’s fun to use the things I have for decoration as well, rather than buy extras that are only decorative. I love looking at beautiful magazines and reading books, for example. As I had limited space, I only allowed myself to bring 5 magazines and 10 books. It would be a pity to hide these away in drawers. So, instead, they sit proudly out, ready to be picked up at any moment! I think this is a great way to make a more minimalist space feel lived in too.


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A special thanks to Jessica for taking time out to share a bit about what it’s like moving house and cutting down on before making the switch.

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Written by George McFarley III in collaboration with Jessica Slater

Images sourced from Jessica Slater and the Project Nord website.