Top Tricks and Tips on How to Style a Poster


Have you just moved into a new place and want to feel at home asap? There’s no better way than upgrading your walls with posters!

Just in case you need some styling tips, we’ve put together this article to help you out. You’ll never want to leave home again!



Your personality plays an important role in what you want to look at all the time! So, what do you love surrounding yourself with?

Here’s some ideas to get you started…

  • You love being outdoors! Go for nature-themed prints with plants, flowers, leaves, and beaches.

  • You’re into cooking and gastronomy! Try out botanical posters of fruits and vegetables. Put them in your kitchen. That must be your favourite room, right?

  • You love a motivational quote! Add some typographic posters to your interiors for a bit of extra inspiration.

  • You’re super arty! We have you sorted too. Just check out our abstract or minimalist prints.


PICK out COLOURs BASED ON your mood

What mood do you want your rooms to emanate?

Here are some tips on how to style a wall of posters depending on the vibe you’re going for…

  • Calming & relaxing? Go for pastel posters to create warming or icy tone! Blue, violet, green, grey, nude or yellow are the colours found to be the most calming.

  • Fresh & tropical? Spice up your design with botanical posters rich in colours such as orange, yellow or green to create a tranquil but happy environment.

  • Elegant and minimalistic? If you like to keep your interiors minimal, stick to monochrome colour schemes. You could introduce accents of colour if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous.

  • Vibrant and colourful? If you want your posters to be the start of the show, go for bright and beautiful colours. These are widely found in abstract and geometric prints. Choose out from yellow, blue, red, pink or purple even! There are no borders here.

This is our beautiful      Colourful Connections Poster     .

This is our beautiful Colourful Connections Poster.



There are various types, materials and shapes of frames available. What you want to do is to create a perfect match in between the frame and the poster.

If you strive for an elegant vibe, you can use golden, silver or copper frames to underline the sophistication of your wall art. Although, if you wish to keep the minimalist accent, black and white frames are a fair solution.  Most importantly, make sure that a single frame holds everything in a place and is easy to handle and maintain.

Poster wall featuring designs from our      Nordic Sea Collection     .

Poster wall featuring designs from our Nordic Sea Collection.

Poster wall featuring designs from our      Botanical Collection     .

Poster wall featuring designs from our Botanical Collection.


Finally, we can put our hands to work and play around! This step is all about how good you are at Tetris! No kidding. Start arranging your composition on the floor so you can work out what’s perfect before getting up a ladder!

Step 1: find the central spot

Find a central spot, a larger and more important poster that you love. Then, try moving other posters around it and find the perfect balance. Experiment away! Work out what looks just right.

Step 2: Balance the colours

If poster walls aren’t balanced in colours, our eyes might overlook less vibrant designs. So, make sure that if you have a vibrant poster on one side, you mirror it. Contrast bright designs with minimalist ones beside them.

Step 3: Balance sizes

To make a poster wall look cohesive, it’s also a good idea to hang smaller and smaller pieces the further away you get from the centre.

Step 4: Keep all the ideas

Take pictures on your phone so you can compare different combinations. You could also use tape to mark positions on the wall before you go for it. This will ensure your final design is perfect.

Step 5: Hang the posters on the wall

Use the markings you’ve made to help you hang the posters. Take them one at a time and don’t rush! It might be helpful to use a tape measure or ruler.

Make markings on the wall before nailing anything in. You don’t want to make any holes that you don’t need.


Remember that great design ideas are never born over the night. So, make sure you live in a space for a little while before you make any major changes. That way, you can get a feel for a room first and work out what would suit it.

Most importantly, let your personality shine! You’ll be living in this space, so you should love it!


Images sourced from Project Nord website and Pintrest.