Posters in the Perfect Setting: An Interview with Laura


Meet Laura, a lover of interior design, plants, and classical literature!

At Project Nord, we fell in love with Laura’s Instagram feed and interior styling. So, we had to get her for an interview! She’s going to give us interior tips and tell us how she styled her own Project Nord poster.

So, first about the woman herself. Laura is from Hannover, a medium-sized town in Germany. She’s studying German philology and history, and loves reading classical literature. Jane Austen and Thomas Mann are her favourites. The beautiful house she lives in was built in 1912 and has been in her family since then.

Let’s dive into some questions…


When did you become fond of interiors?

When I first had the idea of changing my room from a nursery to a teenager room with adult furniture at the age of 15, I got really into it. I loved to flick through the Ikea catalogue and decorate every surface in my room! And it got even worse when I moved together with my boyfriend in this flat about 3 years ago and we slowly turned it into our home.

When did you start your Instagram page? And why did you start focusing on interior-related content?

I started my Instagram in May 2017 already with the plan of turning it into an interior related account. I had just explored Instagram and some accounts I truly loved. And I thought I could do this, too. It could be fun. It totally made sense for me to take pictures of my home because that's what I'm good at.

Laura’s favourite place, her kitchen!

Laura’s favourite place, her kitchen!

Can you describe your own interior design style?

I'm definitely still in the process of developing my personal style. Right now I love a mix of warm wood (like oak), white, black metal and lots of plants, also mixed with blue and green textiles. We mixed new furniture with some vintage finds, open shelving and little bits and pieces we collected over the years. Also, I'm quite an eclectic person too.

Where’s your favourite place in your home?

That's tough! I really love how the kitchen turned out with the white and wood and the light blue. But I also love my armchair corner with the book and tea-related gallery wall. Especially since we got the new midcentury sideboard and the green rug. It's really cosy now!


How do you feel about including posters in your interiors?

I love pictures and posters because they turn a place into your home. I feel like they are the best way to create an individual place and add some personality and character. Like I said I have a gallery wall with tea and book-related pictures, for example, Paul McCartney with a cup of tea, a London bookstore, a photo of my grandma and her friends as children playing tea party, Keira Knightley as Elisabeth Bennet reading a book.

You chose the Sea Foam and the Marble Mountains Poster. How do they look (and feel) in real life?

I love the posters we chose! The material feels like great quality and the printing is razor-sharp. We chose these two because I love the marble theme and liked the shape of the Mountain motif. My boyfriend liked the Sea Foam poster which kinda looks like a marble surface as well. We didn't want them to look like a set but they still go together really well we think.

Our beautiful      Marble Mountains Poster     !
Plant paradise: Laura’s beautiful plant corner!

Plant paradise: Laura’s beautiful plant corner!

How do you style these posters in your home?

We moved them around a little bit to find the perfect place. I think it's important to take the time and try different styles and places for things sometimes. At first, the Sea Foam poster stood on the bookshelf in the living room and the Mountain one was on a little side table next to the sofa. But the final place will be next to each other above the dresser in our bedroom. In there we have a dark green wall that matches the posters in a subtle way. Also, my two pottery jewellery boxes on the dresser will keep them a lovely company.

As we can see from your Instagram, you are a fan of plants! What do you love about them?

I love plants because they make every home prettier and fresher. They add a pop of colour and fit in every space as they come in any size you need to fill an empty corner. They are great to decorate shelves, window sills or a dresser without ever looking corny or crammed with dusty decor pieces. Also, it's fun to see them grow and to take care of them and the proud feeling of keeping a plant alive and in nice condition is priceless! :)


Last thing…Can you give our readers an interiors tip to help make their homes more stylish?

My best advice is not to buy everything at once. A home should grow slowly with the needs and preferences of the person living in it. Otherwise, it looks like a catalogue home without personality. Only keep things you love or need and try to stick to a certain colour family for a room or area but also not completely neutral cause that's boring. For example for the sofa choose three colours (like dark green, light blue and grey) and buy cushions in those colours but with different shapes and patterns to mix it up. It's a lot of trial and error and takes a while to find out what works for you and what not, I think.


Are you interested in seeing more interior inspiration from Laura? Follow her on Instagram here! And, if you want to transform your own space with posters, take a look at our collections!