How to Make a Rented Apartment Feel like Home


You’ve found the perfect rented apartment and can’t wait to make it feel like home. But, where to start? This exciting task can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. We’re here to help!

And don’t worry, we know that rental agreements can feel restrictive. There are still so many things you can do to inject personality into the space you’re living in. Scandinavians especially know how to make smaller apartments feel like home.

Follow our tips and tricks to make your rented space feel bigger, brighter, and more YOU than ever before!


Repaint your walls

First step? Think about the base of your rented apartment. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to a room, and for a small price too. Just check your rental agreement first. You might have to ask permission from your landlord before you get your overalls on!

So, what colour is best?

To make rooms feel brighter, try using white paint. It opens up indoor spaces, making them feel bigger than they really are. Plus, white walls make great neutral bases, letting you experiment with furnishings in the future.

The benefits don't stop there. Having neutral tones on our walls also help us wind down and sleep better. With less distraction from bright colours or patterns, our minds are allowed to rest. Bliss!

So, what are you waiting for? Set aside a Sunday afternoon and get your paintbrushes out!

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Decorate with posters

Now you have your beautiful white base, it’s time to inject some personality onto your walls. What better way than to take inspiration from the Scandinavians and get yourself some posters?

Here at Project Nord, we create posters that transform the spaces they're put in. Just have a look at our collections! And, you can use our handy filtering tools to find the perfect fit for your rented apartment. Would you prefer Botanical & Nature Posters? Or do Minimalist Posters sound more your thing? You can also choose between different sizes, ranging from A4 to 70x100cm!

Our      Family Poster      on      DougsDigs      Instagram!

Our Family Poster on DougsDigs Instagram!

Looking for an inventive way to display your posters? Why not experiment with some of the following ideas;

  • Frame it! This is the classic way to display wall art and adds a touch of sophistication to any space. If your rental agreement stops you from nailing into walls, try leaning your framed posters against them. This looks cool, understated, and leaves no trace. For this tip, take some inspiration from DougsDigs! We love the way she’s used a simple shelf above her bed to lean her posters. It looks truly effortless!

  • Stick it up! Using tape to stick up smaller posters injects extra attitude into your wall hangings. You could even choose different colours of tape to compliment each design.

  • Use magnets! For a creative way to display lots of posters together, try using a magnetic board. These are inexpensive and easy to get your hands on. It also means you can switch out different posters depending on the season or how you're feeling.

And here’s some poster inspiration for you! CLick on the image to buy the poster!


Upcycle your furniture

You might have thought that drab, old desk had reached the end of its life. Think again! There’s almost always a way to revamp your furniture, giving it the new lease of life it deserves!

Just take a look around your rented apartment. Are there any pieces you’re falling out of love with? Again, if any furniture you want to makeover came with your property, ask your landlord first! But, we'd bet that no-one could argue with a bit of home improvement.

Remember that white paint you used on the walls? Finish off the can by repainting old furniture. Not only does it modernise the aesthetic, white pieces also make spaces feel bigger.

If you’re looking for some new additions to your home, go down to your local second-hand shop. The pieces might not look right as they are, but think of the customisation possibilities! You’ll have the chance to put your stamp on your furniture and own pieces that no-one else has. It’s also brilliant for the environment as it cuts the need for new production. Take a look at our article all about sustainability for more tips on how to respect the planet.

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Use statement lighting fixtures

The right lighting can make all the difference, especially in smaller spaces. So, take a look at how your rooms are lit at the moment. How do you feel when you're in them? If it's anything but relaxed, you should think about changing them!

Keep lower, ambient lighting wherever you can. We don’t want to sit in harsh, brightly-lit spaces when we’re trying to chill out. Smaller lamps tend to emit a softer sort of light. Beautiful lamps can also become the natural focal point of a room. So, if you spot one that you particularly like, it might be worth investing in it!

Mirrors are also useful for reflecting light around a room, making it brighter. Positioning a floor-length mirror where the sun shines will send light in every direction! Try it out.


Go green and pick up some plants

Add some life to your rented home by filling it with plants! A bit of greenery will make any space look more alive and inviting.

Choose your plants dependent on how much time and energy you have to give to them. Aloe Vera is brilliant if you want something low maintenance. They can live outside of direct sunlight and only need watering every week or two. Or, if you’ve got a bit of extra love to give, try a hanging plant like Marble Pothos. This sort of greenery can be placed high up so it trails down walls beautifully. As this plays with different heights, hanging plants also make spaces feel bigger.

You could even experiment with fake plants if you’re worried about keeping them alive. But remember, real greenery does more than just looking pretty. They release oxygen, filtering the air we breathe. Your home transforms into a fresh environment for you to enjoy.

Check out our      Olea Europaea Poster     !

Check out our Olea Europaea Poster!


So, revamp your rented space with some of our easy tips and tricks! Don’t forget to check out Project Nord’s collection of Scandinavian-inspired posters. They’re sure to make any space feel like home!


Written by Jessica Slater.

Images sourced from Pintrest, DougsDigs Instagram, and Project Nord website.