Changing Your Decor to Match the Season Begins with October!


Getting Cozy With October

October begins a time when the lazy feeling of summer has worn off, and the cooling temperatures outside bring about a cozy atmosphere indoors. As this is happening, you’re probably looking around your home, thinking of ways to keep up with the season? Well, you’re in luck and will be quite surprised about the Scandinavian design trends for October!

As the days become shorter in the Nordic countries, people shift the majority of their activities from outdoor to indoor. This change in season generally means that the interior design is transitioned to fit a cozy and spacious environment. Colours, patterns, posters, lighting, materials, and textures are essential things to keep in mind when you decide to switch up your home decor. Let’s take a look at how to keep your home decor looking trendy, with little effort!



Small Adjustments Can Make A Big Difference!

The minimalist core characteristic of Scandinavian design is changing out black and white color schemes for a warmer impression of the style of what’s catching on as a New Nordic style.

Not only that, patterns and natural materials seem to be all the rave! This could be due to the sustainable element of Scandinavian home decor. In other words, you don’t need to change out everything to keep up with the monthly or seasonal trends. Choose where you’re going to make adjustments and go from there. 



If Walls Could Talk

Walls are as much a part of the interior decorating process as let’s say, the lighting. While wallpaper is still a serious ‘no-no’ in the Scandi world, you can always have fun with decorating them! If you’re feeling brave and want to add a bit of texture to your walls, then you’ll want to purchase a tub of micro cement. It only takes a thin layer of micro cement to give your walls both a rustic look and feel! After applying the micro cement, think about adding warm earth-tones to paint your walls, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Of course, there’s always a Project Nord poster that you could add to your newly textured wall to add some contrast to your rustic design. For more inspiration, check out our Beige Posters!

Soft Colors

Now, back to color. Earth-tones like beige and grey, are in! So are desaturated colors! Experiment with desaturating your paint by mixing colors, which lessens how saturated a single color can be. An excellent place to start is by mixing either black or white paint to a color like green, for example. What does all of that stuff mean? This means that your color scheme should be warm and calming.  


Warming up Your Room With Lighting

When surviving the fall-winter months, colder temps and less light seem never-ending. Lighting helps to put the finishing touches on creating a warm and cozy setting in your space. Candles are a popular way to set the mood and add soft lighting to your Scandinavian style space.

On top of that, there are plenty of eco-friendly candle brands that use less harmful ingredients like soy in making their candles. 

As always, a floor, wall, and table lamps positioned in the right place can help warm up your home. We suggest that you try out different positions for your lights.

Buy lamps and lighting that can be moved around your room, or are adjustable from where they are hung.


Here And There, Not Everywhere

Have you ever seen a living room with too many knick-knacks and other flashy accessories cramping the space? Chances are, they need to get some inspiration from the minimalist ways of decorating. 

You can accessorize your living room without crowding it out. Add a few cushions to your sofa, or a rug under your coffee table. If you enjoy curling up under a blanket on the sofa watching your favorite film classics, find a blanket that doubles as a beautiful throw. You can place it over an arm of your sofa or find a basket to sit beside your sofa to put the blankets in to keep control over clutter. 

Decorate using natural materials to add an earthy, but raw feel. Accessories made of wood and stone or worn leather furniture are in! Generally, you can find some great finds in your neighborhood thrift shops or a decor shop that specializes in used furniture. And let’s not forget plants!

Repeat after me, “plants are accessories too!” Plants are a great way to stimulate the oxygen flow in your space. Try an easy to care for Snake Plant. If you feel like you’re really terrible at caring for plants, we suggest taking a glance at our Botanical & Nature Posters.



Now that you have some ideas on how to style your space for the fall and winter months give it a go, but remember to start off small. If you’re a minimalist and don’t want to consume a bunch to get the right vibe, keep in mind that many of the trends for October change only slightly. Consider rearranging, or treating your walls to texture and color, and even throwing a Project Nord poster up!

Written by George McFarley III

Images sourced from Pintrest and the Project Nord website.