Our Top 5 Summer Posters to Brighten Up Your Walls


We wanted to know which Project Nord posters were your favorites. So we did a tally and the results are in!

Our beautiful      Love Revolution poster     , a real favourite!

Our beautiful Love Revolution poster, a real favourite!


What’s Hot!

As the summer of 2019 has kept the temps hot, we thought we’d share with you Our Top 5 Summer Posters at Project Nord! We based this on the summer’s bestselling posters from our entire poster collection. We hope that you will find some inspiration for your next Project Nord poster in this blog, or on our homepage! Time to freshen up your walls with summer decor and what better way to do it, than with posters!


5. Play

Designed with Modern Geometric Lines and holding fifth place is our Play poster. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for a simple, poster with neutral colors. If this is too risky for your walls, then check out the Life Balance.

Simple, modern, geometric designs, our      Play poster     .

Simple, modern, geometric designs, our Play poster.

Align your space with our Life Balance poster!

Align your space with our Life Balance poster!


4. Life Balance

The fourth-place choice is Project Nord’s Life Balance poster. This poster, with its positioning of flat-colored rectangles and circles, represents the effort that goes into your busy life. Balance is the key is a perfect reminder to go at life with a positive outlook! 


3. Love Revolution Poster

Coming in at number three is the Love Revolution poster. Keeping it minimal and to the point, the message is clear. Let this poster be a reminder of that summer love, or as motivation to ‘let love rule’! Place this poster in your bedroom, because summer isn’t the only thing that can get hot!

Love Revolution poster.

Love Revolution poster.

Perfect for your kitchen - Olea Europaea Poster.

Perfect for your kitchen - Olea Europaea Poster.


2. Olea Europaea Poster

Keeping it organic in second place is our Olea Europaea poster. This Vintage Botanical poster is a classic touch to your kitchen or entryway. The Olea Europaea poster is also the perfect choice if you want to add a bit of nature in your place while staying cool!


1. Minimalist Seal Poster

Finally, holding the number one spot in ‘Our Top 5 Summer Posters to Brighten Up Your Walls’ is our Minimalist Seal poster! This poster is sure to inspire a more relaxed side of summer with its’ minimal representation of the icy Nordic waters. We see why the Minimalist Seal poster is the summer bestseller, as keeping cool this summer is all the rage!

Kid’s Room -      Minimalist Seal Poster     .

Kid’s Room - Minimalist Seal Poster.


So, there you have it, you spoke, and we listened! Now that the summer favorites have been tallied up, we’re looking forward to seeing which Project Nord posters are bestsellers for the fall season! Choose your favorite today and help your favorite Project Nord poster to rank in our Top 5 seasonal favorites. 


Written by George McFarley III

Images sourced from Pintrest and the Project Nord website.