Top 5 Design Museums in Copenhagen


Here are Project Nord’s picks of known and up-and-coming design museums that we think you’d enjoy!

Our calming      Danish Beach Poster     , perfect for Scandinavian interiors!

Our calming Danish Beach Poster, perfect for Scandinavian interiors!

Destination, Copenhagen!

If you’re visiting Copenhagen soon, you’re probably looking forward to visiting some of the city’s famous attractions.

Everyone wants to visit Little Mermaid, or the Royal Palace when they visit Copenhagen! If you’re interested in experiencing design at its finest, then you want to check this article out! The Project Nord team has compiled a top 5 list of design museums in Copenhagen that are sure to help you plan your trip!

So, what type of design would you like to see during your visit to Copenhagen? Do you like jewelry, furniture design, home decor? Let’s find out!


5. Statens Museum for Kunst  

Starting off our countdown is the National Gallery of Denmark, or as it’s locally known, Statens Museum for Kunst. If you’re looking for a bit of history and keeping an eye on the current art game changers, then you’ve come to the right place! The National Gallery of Denmark houses the largest collection of ‘Danish and international artworks,’ spanning several hundred years. 

picture by @kinfolk

picture by @kinfolk


4. Ordrupgaard Museum - Finn Juhl’s House

If you’re looking for a glimpse into Scandinavian living, then take a look at Project Nord’s article, 10 TIPS FOR A SCANDINAVIAN STYLED LIVING ROOM’. Our fourth place choice of museums to visit in Copenhagen is Finn Juhl’s House is located at the Ordrupgaard Museum, in Charlottenlund, a suburb of Copenhagen. The architect turned furniture designer’s home has been frozen in time, capturing his designs. AsOrdrupgaard Museum is temporarily closed until 2020 due to the construction of a new annex, it will give you a chance to brush up on French Impressionism and the Golden Age!


3. Copenhagen Amber Museum

Dating back to 1606, the Copenhagen Amber Museum is our number three pick, in our’ Top 5 List of Design Museums in Copenhagen’. You’ve got two reasons to want to go here:

  1. It’s one of the oldest buildings in Copenhagen 

  2. It houses a huge collection of 'Nordic Gold', or as the rest of the world calls it, amber!

Here, you’ll have the chance to view prehistoric insects fossilized for millions of years inside of amber pieces, as well as shop for Amber Jewelry that has been skillfully designed with enamels and precious metals such as gold and silver. 

Georg Jensen is also another option for jewelry. Georg Jensen based his designs similar to the practices of form and function. The Georg Jensen company creates home decor, accessories, and jewelry. Even though this isn’t a museum, it was too good not to share!


2. Danish Architecture Centre

You’ve made it to the number two spot, with the Danish Architecture Centre. This is more than an architectural museum, where you glance into the past and wonder. Check out the The Carpenter’s Autumn Exhibition

November 8 2019 – April 19 2020, if you enjoy furniture design. The Danish Architecture Centre is a neat place for you and your family can check out the exhibitions and even get hands-on with some of them as well. However, if architecture is of interest to you, the Danish Architecture Centre is a great place to learn about the awesome architecture that you’ll find wandering through the Copenhagen Area.


1. The Design Museum Denmark

Coming in at number one is the Danish Design Museum. It is a great place to start your design tour, especially if you are a beginner. Learn how Denmark and other countries continue to impact the design world! Of course, for all of you pro’s who know about the Bauhaus Movement and have been following Danish Design and Architecture, this is a great place to view design through the ages.

credit @copenhagencard facebook page

credit @copenhagencard facebook page


Budgets, Opening Hours, & Getting From A to B

If you’re traveling on a small budget, you might want to check in advance which museums are hosting a day of free entry, or student and senior discounts. The Copenhagen Card is also an option. With the Copenhagen Card, you can see several attractions around the Greater Copenhagen Area, and transport is included in certain cases!


There are several institutions, schools, and consultant agencies that hold openings and tours, so it pays to search well in advance to find which! The good thing about design museums in Copenhagen is that there several to choose from based on your interests. 

The Top 5 countdown results mentioned in this article are a good point of reference for the beginner and the pro. Our Project Nord team recommends that you do an internet search for the up and coming designers in Copenhagen, or in Scandinavia to see how they’re going to shape our future!


Written by George McFarley III

Images sourced from Pintrest and the Project Nord website.