What is Cosy Minimalism? Comfort and Functionality As One


Do minimalist interiors feel bleak to you? Although the idea of having functional, clean-lined spaces makes sense, it’s often difficult to feel homely and relaxed in them. Does sophistication mean forgetting about comfort? The answer is no. That’s where cosy minimalism comes in! 

Read on to hear all about the interior trend which takes the cold edge off minimalism. We’ll talk about what cosy minimalism is, where it overlaps with Scandinavian style, and how to incorporate it into your own home. Enjoy!

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What is cosy minimalism? 

Let’s start off with a definition. Cosy minimalism is a style of interior design which pairs functionality with enough decorative elements to make it feel warm too. It is the perfect in-between. Away from often unliveable minimalist spaces, this style is geared towards happy homes. They are stress-free spaces, without visual noise, and comfort triumphs over everything else. Just lovely!

Even though it's different to minimalism, each element of a cosy minimalism room still serves a purpose. Take a rug for example. Within this style, a rug breaks up the look of the floor, adds decoration, and keeps your feet warm in the winter. A mirror works similarly. Mirrors look sleek but also reflect extra natural light around a room. To us, it sounds like the perfect balance.


Where do cosy minimalism and Scandinavian style overlap?

There are lots of similarities between cosy minimalism and Scandinavian style. Does the word ‘hygge’ ring a bell? It’s a Danish word which refers to a feeling of contentedness. ‘Hygge’ is often associated with cosy interiors that make you feel warm and happy to be in. The fact the Danes have a word for this feeling illustrates just how important it is within their culture.

An emphasis on cosiness features throughout Scandinavian interior design. Often, warming materials and soft-lighting are used to create inviting spaces. It's important to stay comfortable throughout the long, Scandinavian winters! Their emphasis on functionality also means warming elements are both practical and beautiful. It sounds like Scandinavian style and cosy minimalism really do have a lot in common! In fact, is cosy minimalism a reincarnation of Scandi-style hygge with an updated name? You can be the judge of that.

Our lovely      Motherhood Poster      in a typical Scandinavian interior!

Our lovely Motherhood Poster in a typical Scandinavian interior!

Cosy minimalism. Image of cosy minimalism bedroom setting.jpg
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How to create a cosy minimalism space of your own

Now, you want to recreate this look in your own home? Follow these simple steps!

Furniture first

To start, build your room from a functional base. This means getting your furniture just right before you start thinking about decoration. In a cosy minimalism room, simple but tasteful pieces should be your focal point. This makes spaces flexible as well. Minimalist furniture is timeless and doesn’t necessarily set the tone of a room. It’s simply a beautiful, functional foundation which you can build on top of.

Layer cosy textures on top

Next, play with different textures to inject that cosiness! This could be anything from your draperies and bedding, to your dressers and chairs. Layering different textures allows you to inject personality without your space looking too busy.

Experimenting with textures doesn’t have to stop at plush items. Play with rougher materials as well. Take a rustic, wooden side-table as an example - it is so cosy! And, with a shaggy rug underneath? You’d feel like you had been transported to an open-fire-heated mountain cabin! Completely hygge!


Here’s your big chance to make a space feel homely! Introduce select accessories to transform your sleek interior into the perfect place to curl up. Here are some ideas to get you started;

  • Prints! Art prints and posters are brilliant for minimalist spaces. They work as great focal points without making a space feel busy. We have a huge collection of posters here at Project Nord, enough for you to find something just right for your cosy minimalism interior. Take a look at our full Minimalist Posters Collection here! Try hanging posters in the places you want to relax in. You can set the tone of space depending on what the design you select. And, you can even change them around as you feel. Perfect!

  • Mirrors! Mirrors have a whole host of benefits in cosy minimalism spaces. To start, they are, by their nature, both functional and beautiful. Not only can you see your reflection in them, but they help reflect natural light around a room too. A mirror with a rustic frame combines cosiness with minimalism perfectly. The smooth glass with wooden material around it is a lovely pairing. Try experimenting with mirrors in your own home!

  • Lighting! We all know that warm, low-lit rooms are the best places to relax in the evenings. So, get some minimalist lamps. They'll work as striking aesthetic features during the day and hygge-inducing light sources at night. You could also experiment with candles which, if chosen correctly, look great even when they're not lit.


We hope you enjoyed learning more about cosy minimalism. The idea of mixing hygge with minimalist decor might sound challenging. But, this article has shown you just how easy it can be. Experiment with it yourself and get creative!

Remember, we have a huge range of Scandinavian-inspired posters here at Project Nord. They vary from Minimalist designs to homely, hygge prints. Balance them with each other for the perfect cosy minimalism home!


Written by Jessica Slater

Images sourced from Pintrest and the Project Nord website.