The Best Of Scandinavian Design That the Internet Has In Store


First thing's first, and we feel like we have spill the beans, shopping for Scandinavian brands has never been cheap. You can get something similar, for a lot less money, of course. But it's just never gonna be the same as owning the SKANDINAVISK candle or that original NORMANN Copenhagen jug.

But we are on the lookout for your budget. So, we took on this difficult task to search for the best online stores where you can get affordable Scandinavian design. And we succeeded! So hurray, let's have a look at the list!



Tips and trick to start with

You can't really start building your Scandinavian home without knowing the core rules of the perfectly balanced Scandinavian design. 

Luckily, we have all things covered for you. So here is a little #throwbackthursday to some of our oldies but goodies about Scandinavian interiors.

  1. First of all, you have to make sure you know what goes where and how it's all supposed to come together. Sounds too technical? Don't worry! Here's our guide on what you should bare in mind while putting together your Scandinavian home. 

  2. Some of the best design comes to life when designers use colour in almost utopian perfection. And you can do too! Matching together complementary shades in your interior will do magic. Most importantly, in Scandinavia, people know that subtle colours and light tones will make interiors look brighter, bigger and cleaner. Have a look at some of the best interior colours for Scandinavian home. 

  3. Know your designer! Even though people think that Scandinavian designers are one big family sharing ideas between each other, their designs are super individual and original. You just have to know what to look for. Here are some of the best Scandinavian designers out there!




There's no way our beloved Project Nord can be missing from this list! If you are looking for an eternal art piece for your wall, Project Nord has you covered. 

Let's have a little recap of all the good deeds that come hand-in-hand with your next Project Nord poster purchase:

  • Minimalism and all things Nordic! The perfect combination of classic Scandinavian heritage and a modern aesthetic to make your home cosy and effortlessly stylish.

  • You’ll be supporting young independent designers working WITH Project Nord. We believe in equality!

  • Planting a tree with each poster you buy! Taking care of our Mother Earth is one of our core values, so not only do we make sure the printing process is 100% environmentally friendly, but as a cherry on top, we plant one tree for each sold poster. 



The originally Hungarian online store, currently based in nordic capital Copenhagen, is one of our favourite places to drift into after a long day. We find their collection of not only interior decor but also timeless Scandinavian fashion pieces so soothing and original.

The pillars of their mission and vision are sustainability and minimalism, and the online store is accompanied by an amazing journal where you can read about some of their top brands. Also, the creatives of UPTOSTYLE prepare monthly lookbooks transforming the products from their online store into everyday essentials.

Some of our personal favourites are soy waxed P.F. Candle, perfect for your hygge lighting, Studio Esinam posters or Le Sac En Papir paper bag, which is for sure one of the best multi- purpose products we've ever seen. And if you feel creative enough, you can use of the design magazines and books they sell as an interior decoration in your home.



This Finish brand is yet another one that believes in sustainable mindset. They “believe in timeless design that will never be thrown away” and that is definitely something we can relate to. And you should too!

Their online store offers multi-functional designs, is super user-friendly and the best part is that they're mindful of the seasonal interior design.  



Originally founded in 2002 under the name Scandinavian Design Center,  this is probably one of the most well known online stores in Scandinavia where you can shop for home decor. It's affordable and you can find the best brands here. 

As well as the home decor collections, you can also shop for furniture, cookware and kitchen accessories or lighting.

As they say in Nordic Nest:

“Memories live through the objects in your home.”

So there you go, an online store to find the one piece you were looking for to complete your living room. Or the perfect gift for your friends who just moved into their new home.



What we love about this online store the most is that they commit to sustainable sourcing, handmade products and a 5 years guarantee on everything you can find in this online store. Now that's something everybody can fall in love with.

We absolutely love their Green Living collection of flowerpots and vases, which will perfectly work out that natural vibe in your house. Because Scandinavia is all about connecting with the outdoor.



This online store knows exactly what Scandinavian homes are about. Cosy, clean, simple aesthetics. They're proud to sell both well established designers and the ones who are just entering the big market of Scandinavian decor, such as Anne Linde, Gurilla or Moebe. They list around 16 Scandinavian designers and are proud of their ever-growing number.

As an addition to their online store, Gron + White also has a blog where you can find inspirational articles on Scandinavian design and interior.



Find Your favourite Scandinavian brands online


We fell in love with this brand immediately when we smelt their first candle. They offer various products for your home, including vase diffusers and hand and body care, but their scented candles are our all time favourite. You can discover more about the fragrances and the meaning behind each one of the Scandinavian words, all in pure harmony with nature. 

SKANDINAVISK offers beautiful gift sets as well. So if you're in need of an original surprise for your friends, you don't have to look any further!


We are sure you're already familiar with this brand. And if not, well, it's about time you fix this mistake. Normann Copenhagen has a long lasting tradition among Scandinavian brands, being founded in 1999 by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen. The brand is currently sold in more than 80 countries around the world, so we can for sure say they built a pretty impressive empire. 

They have countless designs for your home, all manufactured in environmentally responsible way. 

Our favourite, you ask? Well, what can be better and more unique, than Tivoli collection from a Danish design brand. 


This relatively young independent brand and production studio, based in Copenhagen, draws inspiration from traditional Japanese culture. 

Their ceramics are all hand-crafted and thanks to the in-studio store, you can witness the whole process from the very beginning until the last adjustment. 

If you're a coffee or tea lover, you will be obsessed with their charming mugs, but they have something in store for everyone. Stationary, prints, plates and bowls, vases, and even limited collaborations with Kahler, another Danish ceramics manufacturer. 

But remembering their Japanese heritage, you have to check out the Tokyo series!



That's our guide! Let's hope you're not burning through your wallet after browsing through these amazing and inspiring online stores selling the best of Scandinavian design. But if you are, we totally understand. Sure it will be appreciated that we made this list super affordable. Let us know which one of the stores is your favourite, or which brand made it to your home!

Written by Lujza Grossmanová

Images sourced from Pinterest