Student Starter Pack! Top 5 Uni Room Decor Ideas


Put the ‘u’ in ‘uni’!

The beginning of a new term is always exciting. Whether you’re starting university fresh or coming back after a long, hot summer, you’ll already be thinking about what your next academic year will bring. 

To get you settled, it’s fun to decorate your uni room to make it as comfortable as possible. You might be a bit restricted with what you can do with your space. Maybe everyone is given the same furniture. But, you don’t want your room to look the same as everyone else's, right?

To help you out, Project Nord has assembled a list of the top 5 things you need to make your uni room YOU! Have a read...

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  1. Make your bed

Our first top tip is to be selective with your bed linen. Uni rooms can be small. You have limited space to stamp your personality onto. A lot of the time, our bed end up being the focal point of the room. So, make sure you get your duvet cover right!

First up, the design. It may be tempting to go for highly-detailed bedding, but try to resist. If your cover is too busy, especially if it’s double size, it can darken the feeling of a room. The design will most likely get lost across the width of your cover. Instead, go for clean geometric designs. They’re timeless and hard to get bored of. You can add in your own personality with cushions or a bed throw.

Next, what material should your bedding be made of? Here are your options;

  • Cotton is the most commonly used material for bed linen. It’s soft, low-maintenance, and washes well. Cotton is also known for its breathability. So, if you often feel too warm when you sleep, this may be the fabric for you!

  • If you want a cheaper alternative, look for polyester bedding or cotton-poly blends. Polyester is a man-made fabric. It is more resistant to staining than cotton so tends to have a longer lifecycle. This makes it a great option for students who want their sheets to last. There’s some debate, but some say that polyester is better for the environment thanks to its durability. So, if you keep track of your eco-footprint, it’s worth doing some research!

If you need a helping hand, here’s some ideas. The IKEA NATTJASMIN duvet cover set is a great inexpensive option. Or, if you want to spend a bit more, the beautiful Zara Home polka dot design is the right balance of detail and neutrality. Perhaps you could get both, change it up depending on how you’re feeling. It will make you feel super organised if you have more than one set of bedding!


2. Organisation on point with an academic calendar 

Next up, get yourself ready to work! Having an academic calendar on your wall will make you feel in control of your life. It’s so much easier to see the coming weeks laid out in front of you, rather than having to remember deadlines and social engagements. There’s nothing better than feeling organised.

Luckily for you, we have just come out with our academic calendars just in time for the new term. It comes in two colour-ways, orange or green. And, you can choose the size dependent on how much wall space you have. Get yours and tag us on Instagram @project.nord! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Here’s      Project Nord’s Academic Calendar     , available on Etsy now!

Here’s Project Nord’s Academic Calendar, available on Etsy now!

The calendars cost between £15.68 and £32.70, dependent on the size. In Euros, that equates to €16.59 to €34.59.

The calendars cost between £15.68 and £32.70, dependent on the size. In Euros, that equates to €16.59 to €34.59.

You can also choose between our two, beautiful colour ways!

You can also choose between our two, beautiful colour ways!

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3. Warm-up your uni room with soft lighting

A bit of soft lighting can make a world of difference in a room that’s not too inspiring. So, have a scout about and see if any lamps catch your eye!

Your room might already come with a desk lamp to help you whilst you study. But, it’s a nice idea to get one to sit on your bedside table. This way, you can create a warm, cosy atmosphere for before you go to sleep or when you have friends over. In fact, soft lighting is a core element of Scandinavian interior design, the very design movement we at Project Nord are expert in!

Again, we have a couple of options for you here. Do you want to spend a bit extra and have your lamp as a beautiful focal point? If so, take a look at this H&M Home table lamp. It’s sleek, timeless, and will create a soft glow in your room. Or, would you prefer to spend your money elsewhere? A cheap and cheerful alternative is the IKEA LAUTERS lamp.

Either way, your lamp transform the way your room feels and probably be something you keep for years to come!


4. Inject some personality with a pin board of posters and photos

Luckily for you, almost every uni room comes equipped with a pin board. So, make the most of it. 

Use this wall space as your chance to get creative. Collage pictures of your friends from home, holiday snaps, and mementoes. This is such a lovely way to feel at home in your new space. Balance out your photos with posters! You could choose smaller art prints so you could fit in a few. A selection of posters is sure to give your room a sophisticated edge. 

The best thing about this idea is that it’s so easy to transport. Before you get to uni, get a folder and start collecting the items you wish to display. What a nice way to start getting exciting about your new uni room. 

Here are some ideas from the Project Nord collection! Whether you want a bit of motivation or a design to make your uni room feel calm, we have the poster for you!

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5. Go green and take care of some plants

Last but not least, add some greenery to your room with a plant. Again, this is an inexpensive touch, yet really changes the way a room feels. 

So, which plant should you choose? 

Obviously, it’s important you like the look of your plant. After all, this might alter the amount of attention you give to it. But, also make sure you buy one which is right for you and your room. How much time do you have to take care of it? Do you have a position which would give it direct sunlight? Consider these variables first before diving straight in. 

Cacti are a great place to start. They are easy to look after and only need watering once their soil has completely dried out. If you want a bit more of a challenge, try an Aloe Vera plant. Like the Cactus, Aloe Vera love being in direct sunlight but does need some extra care watering. Nowadays, plants are available from almost anywhere. Even your local supermarket might have a few to choose from.

If you want anymore botanical inspiration, take a look at our 6 Simple Steps for Botanical Home Decor article.


There’s our guide to get you settled in your new uni room! It can always feel daunting moving into a new place. But, if you do a bit of organising ahead of time, you have the chance to feel excited and in control! 

We hope you have the best time moving to uni!


Written by Jessica Slater

Images sourced from Pintrest and the Project Nord website.